Coaching Facilities

Indoor Coaching Studio

2015 Swing Room

Our Indoor Coaching Studio enables our professional to utilise modern coaching techniques in the form of a GC2 Launch Monitor, a Casio EX-FH100 high speed camera and GASP Video analysis. A collection of teaching aids gives each customer feedback, essential for swing change and improvement – a chance to improve your swing throughout the year, especially during winter months.

2015 Junior Group

Watch an example of GC2 Launch Monitor in action.

2015 Swing photo1

Covered Shelter & Bunker area

The short game/bunker area at Onneley has already benefited from the personal touch of the head groundsman, and a sheltered area has been constructed at the club, allowing a group of up to 6 students to be coached, with protection from the elements.

Coaching Facilities at Onneley Golf Club
Equipment & balls are included in the lessons, using Srixon AD333 to enhance your learning experience.
We have a swing trainer, which can be used to improve swing positions by developing the correct swing plane.

Watch the swing trainer in use.

Here are some more 'action shots' from the academy

Practice Net & Putting Green

Next to the first tee, we also have the Practice net and putting green:

Watch the nets in use by one of our Juniors