The Gap

12th Hole: Par 4 336 Yards SI 16 for Men; 326 yards SI 10 for Ladies


Hence the name!  The safe line is through the gap, but bigger hitters may fancy taking on the trees to the left…  If so, you must await the bell to signal that the landing area is clear.






The view from about 125 yards out.  A tough green to hold in very dry conditions.




A relatively short par 4 which should yield a par or better to a well-placed tee shot and a good second with a short or medium iron to the green.   The longest hitters might be tempted to take out the dogleg and drive the green; but tree cover and a mound, plus a ditch that crosses the fairway in the likely landing area, make that a very high risk option.  Another deceptive green to read.


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