Jodrell Bank

2nd Hole: Par 5 458 yards (Men SI 7; Ladies SI 3)

The summit of this hole is the highest part of the course and offers a wonderful panorama across the Cheshire Plain and towards the Welsh Hills.  There are distant views of the radio-telescopes at Jodrell Bank on a clear day, and of Beeston Castle and the Peckforton Hills to the west. Pause for a moment to catch your breath, and admire.

This is the view facing a long straight hitter who drew the ball on this blind driving hole; or after two decent shots for the rest of us.  The oak on the right plus four well-placed bunkers put a premium on accuracy for the approach shot to the green.  So it should be an easy par for many and good birdie prospect for the better golfers; but a deceptive green delivers enough three-putts to wreck those plans.


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