The Course hole-by-hole

Onneley’s fairways are mostly well-defined by avenues of trees, on one side at least – and often both.  In addition, trees strategically located at the point of a dog-leg add considerably to the threat posed to wayward shots on several of the holes.  The course is not long, but it can bite…

During the the three periods of lockdown, all but one of the projected works for the period up to winter 2022/23 were completed; but it was not possible to have the course inspected for the changes to be incorporated in the new course-rating and handicapping regime introduced in November 2020.   (Inspections must be done during summer to ensure that the effect of tree growth on course difficulty is properly allowed for.)  In consequence the golfer’s-eye view of some holes and a virtual bird’s eye view generated from a flyover carried out in late 2019 are now incomplete.   The impact in the main playing season of 2021 will be some areas of mandatory GUR.

In addition, the order of holes around the course has been changed to improve speed of play, and the necessary updates to distance-measuring devices cannot be completed until the revised course measurements (completed but not yet validated) become authorised.  This is likely to be done in June.  We will announce here when each of the main suppliers have updated their systems.  Until this is completed please use the conversion table here to identify the current hole’s former number.


HoleDescription and PhotosFlyover video
1st: Cherry TreeSelectPress Here
2nd: O'er The HillSelectPress Here
3rd: DeceptionSelectPress Here
4th: Folly FootSelectPress Here
5th: Howard's WaySelectPress Here
6th: Hit n'HopeSelectPress Here
7th: Old StumpySelectPress Here
8th: Lake sideSelectPress Here
9th: The GapSelectPress Here
10th: Bomb HoleSelectPress Here
11th: Old Dog LegSelectPress Here
12th: BirchesSelectPress Here
13th: Welsh ViewSelectPress Here
14th: Newt PondsSelectPress Here
15th: new hole not yet namedA new par 3 requiring a demanding tee-shot to a green perched at the summit of Bar Hill.Image awaited
16th: Jodrell BankSelectPress Here
17th: Wrekin ViewSelectPress Here
18th: Long HopSelectPress Here