Ladies’ Golf

Golf is a great sport for young and old, and for women every bit as much as men.  It offers gentle exercise, and a test of both mind and muscle!  The unique aspect of golf – with shorter courses for Ladies and a handicapping system to ‘level the playing-field’ – is that it allows all players to compete together. 

Our course is not too long, and well-suited to the needs of Lady golfers.  Onneley GC is however keen to attract more as members.  In more normal times we offer a Women’s Academy to help those who are new to the game, or perhaps a bit intimidated by it, to experience this sport in a safe, friendly, and supportive environment.  Our resident professional usually hosts a Ladies’ open day in April, and the club offers advantageous membership deals.  Please email the club or contact our pro, Eddie, by phone, email or text for more details.