Local Rules

The following standing local rules apply at Onneley.  Temporary local rules, to deal with the short-term effects of green-keeping works or adverse weather, will be published on the club notice-boards.

1 Conforming Distance Measuring Devices are allowed in all forms of play.  Penalty for use of non-conforming device: disqualification.

2 Out of Bounds

  • Beyond any hedge, fence, white line or line of white stakes marking the boundaries of the course
  • In or over the service lane adjoining the 5th fairway, between the limits defined by white stakes, except when playing the 6th hole (see paragraph 3)
  • In or over the lane running from the 10th green to the 11th tee, between the limits defined by white stakes
  • 11th hole: the entire area of the course to the right of the line of white stakes
  • 14th hole: the entire area of the course to the left of the line of white stakes.

3 Integral Part of the Course: Only When playing the 6th hole, the entire area of the service lane adjoining the 5th fairway, between the limits defined by white stakes, is an integral part of the course.  A ball coming to rest there must be played as it lies or classed as unplayable under Rule 19.

Penalty Areas (Rule 17) at Onneley are marked with yellow or red stakes to denote the reliefs under penalty available to the player.

5 Immovable Obstructions: Unless otherwise stated, reliefs under Rule 16 do not extend to line-of-play; and players may opt to play the ball as it lies. Immovable obstructions include the following, even where they are movable:

  • The safety net on the 10th tee, and log constructions beside the 3rd green and 16th tee;
  • Distance markers, course navigation signs, and any other course furniture;
  • Steps, retaining timber walls, man-made paths and roads, excluding the two marked areas of the service lanes;
  • Internal OB markers, except in play of the 1th and 14th holes respectively, when they are integral parts of the course;
  • Materials used or generated by green-keepers and piled up for subsequent removal (abandoned mowings etc. are loose impediments – see Rule 15);
  • Fixed irrigation points and sprinkler heads.  Additionally where (a) these are located on the green or within two club-lengths of it, (b) the player’s ball is within two club-lengths of the obstruction but not in a bunker or penalty area, and (c) the obstruction is on the line of play to the hole on that green, the player may take relief by marking the ball, and dropping it within one club-length of that position which is not nearer the hole, or in a penalty area or on the green;
  • Young trees marked either by a tree guard or supporting stake; if any part of the tree or its stake interferes with the player’s stance or swing (but not the proposed line of play), relief is mandatory. The general penalty applies to any failure to take complete relief.

Ground under Repair (Rule 16) will generally be marked with a painted line except instances of transient damage caused by green-keeping activity.  Where tracks or wheels of course maintenance equipment have deformed the ground, relief may be obtained.