Use of Buggies

This page briefly summarises the club’s buggy policy.  In order to drive a buggy at Onneley, users must be at least 18 years of age and hold a full valid driving licence.∗  The club provides hire buggies during the period April 1st to 30th September each year, subject to the safe-use provisions below. Advance booking is recommended: please contact the Club Steward on 01782-750577.

We also allow use of privately-owned buggies throughout the year, again subject to the safe-use provisions, by persons who hold appropriate public liability insurance. Members and visitors with personal buggies must register and sign the user authorisation document available from the Club Steward or Administrator prior to first use.

Safe Use

Onneley Golf Club has a duty of care not only to buggy users but also other persons who might be injured by them; and so the club will refuse anyone the right to operate or be transported in a buggy – including persons of restricted mobility who would be unable to complete a round without use of one – in the following situations:
1 When in the opinion of the Head Greenkeeper the weather and ground conditions make safe use impossible. A decision not to allow buggies will be notified on the course status line 01782-750106, not later than 07:30 each day.
2 When intending users cannot demonstrate the necessary skills and experience to drive the buggy.

In addition, the right to operate or be transported in a buggy will be withdrawn immediately if any club official concludes that a user is:

3 Failing to operate it in a safe manner showing consideration to others.
4 Under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Use in Club Competitions

Use of a buggy in competitions offsets the disadvantage experienced by those hindered by age, injury, infirmity or disability; but it provides a distinct and unjustifiable advantage to the able-bodied, in terms of protection from the weather and saved effort. It is therefore not permitted, except for those persons who have satisfied a club official before teeing off that this is justified. Please note that this applies to both driver and passenger: two people may share the buggy in a competition only if both players satisfy this condition.

A full version of the policy may be found here.

∗ The club recognises that some individuals who wish to use a lightweight single-seat buggy may not hold or have given up a driving licence; and that for these buggies (but not for two-seater machines) this condition may be unduly onerous.  In these cases, most likely among registered disabled persons and those over 70, any individual who satisfies the other qualifications set out in the policy may apply to be granted authorised user status following a practical user test.  All cases will be considered individually and on merit.