Current Coaching Offers


Junior Individual (Age 18)

6 x 60 minutes FOR THE PRICE OF 4!

Usual Price: £150 – ACADEMY OFFER £95!


Adult Coaching & Playing Lesson Package*

2 x 5-hole Playing Lessons & 6 x 40 minute lessons.

Usual Price £200 – ACADEMY OFFER £150!

*Package Details:

  • Initial 5 Hole Game Assessment – This will highlight the strengths and weaknesses in your current game, and provides a platform from which to start. The lessons can then be tailored to your weaknesses, including advice on course strategy, club selection, and the appropriate shot for your current level of expertise.
  • 6 x 40 minute lessons – The tailored lessons will aim to improve overall swing technique, using the following teaching aids to help develop the correct feel:
    1. Casio EX-FH100 high speed camera, which can show club face and path positions at impact – a huge benefit to understanding WHY YOUR BALL DOES WHAT IT DOES!!
    2. Gasp Video Analysis – Seeing is believing! Combine the visual with the appropriate corrective swing drills. Video is used initially to show areas of swing to work on, and will be forwarded to client with lesson notes**. It can be used during lessons as decided by the coach. Drills specific to swing faults are advised by the coach for the pupil to practice at home – NOT THRASHING AT BALLS, JUST YOU, YOUR GOLF CLUB AND A MIRROR
    3. The GC2 Launch Monitor – A Game Changer. Used by Leading Tour Professionals, it takes the guessing out of how far you hit the ball; shows ball speed, launch angle, side spin, back spin and accuracy of shot to target (total carry). Watch an example here.
  • 5 hole Playing Lesson – A chance to take your game back on the course to compare it to the initial 5 hole assessment.

** To get the best visual when playing back in your Video Software, play the videos in Slow Motion

Please contact Eddie Tittensor for details and to take out one of these offers!