Captain’s Log – Jan 2014


Happy New Year to all members and I hope you are looking forward to a new year of golf.

These are exciting times at Onneley with the 2 new greens and the addition of the Swing Room. These new additions should enhance your golfing experience at Onneley.

The new greens will have the turf laid in the next few weeks and with weather permitting we should be playing on them in May but there are no guarantees that will happen. Turf will also be laid on the first tee at the same time which will provide a much better teeing area.

The Swing Room is progressing well and should be soon in use for members to book lessons or even play a round of golf at the Belfry. These facilities will be provided by Eddie Tittensor where there will of course be a charge for its use. This facility will provide members and visitors something other golf clubs do not have and we hope it will encourage new members to join.

We also have plans to upgrade the paths on the golf course which I am sure you will all wish to happen sooner rather than later. Thanks to the efforts of Sid Oram we have the artificial surface to put on the paths but we need to prepare the paths and then lay sand before the surface is laid. This will be done as and when time allows in conjunction with all the other routine work needed to provide a golf course we can all be proud of. We are planning to excavate the sand for the paths from within so as soon as conditions allow the digger will start. It should only take a few days to dig enough sand. It would be wonderful to have the paths done within the next few weeks but to do that we would have to take on extra help which at this time is a cost we have not budgeted for.

As I have been walking round the course I have noticed there are leaves in the ditches which you may think would cause problems. At the moment the ditches are working well but in due course they will be cleaned out.

The next few months will show if we have got things right on the course when I hope all the new members we gained last year do renew their membership for another 12 months. The income generated from those members would mean we would have the opportunity to replace the 1st green and commit to other improvements for us all to enjoy.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank a few people for their hard work at the club: Alan Wainwright, Pete Salmon and Melvyn Symonds for their hard work in getting the Swing Room Built.

My thanks also go to Eddie Tittensor for his, behind the scenes, work promoting Onneley Golf Club. I would never have dreamt that our golf club would be mentioned at the Britannia Stadium in front of 26 thousand people. It is that sort of advertising that would cost many thousands of pounds but he has the contacts and the hope is new members will come as a result of this.

At our Committee Meeting on the 15th January we were presented with a proposal to change the way we play the course. The plan that we saw has been drawn up by Clive Rhodes and the Committee thought it was a good idea. The plan will be displayed in the clubhouse and we would ask members to study it and make comments. We will then assess member’s comments before deciding if and when we call a meeting of all members. This is something a few members, including myself, have been talking about for a few years. I look forward to your comments.

Enjoy your golf.

P J Robinson, Captain

15th January 2014