Onneley Golf Club, Staffordshire's best kept secret!



Onneley GC has been obliged to close its membership lists for Full,  5-day, Corporate and Young Adult membership categories, but membership is still open for a limited number of further Lady and Junior categories.  We expect to review this on 1st September 2020, when priority will be given to those on the waiting list.  If you wish to be added to this, please forward a completed application form to the clubhouse; it will be helpful if you also email our membership department.

COVID-19 – Current Situation 01/06/20

The club is open to Members,Guests and Visitors and continues to enforce strict social distancing rules.  Guests are non-members playing with a club member.  In line with the EGU’s Statement last week these rules will now apply and are mandatory:

Members & Guests:

  • Members can now play in 2, 3 & 4 Ball games.
  • Members have to book a Tee time online using the masterscoreboard.co.uk app, and should enter ‘guest’ in the other slot to denote that they will be hosting a non-member.
  • Members can play from 07.00 until Dusk Monday – Sunday, BUT
  • No Guest allowed on Sundays until 12.00


  • Visitors can now play in 2, 3 & 4 Ball games.
  • Visitor availability is 12.00 until 17.50 Monday to Sunday
  • Visitors can only book Tee Times 2 days in advance by calling 01782 750577

Future booking arangements: although the upgrade scheduled for 14 June was implemented, there was a problem with limiting the access arrangements for visitors to the planned hours, and until this is rectified on a future upgrade, we are obliged to continue with the existing phone-based system.  This page will be updated as and when the bug is fixed.

All players, whether members, guests or visitors must abide by the club’s  policy which states that:…You are now allowed to play in 2, 3 & 4 ball games.  Please help the speed of play by keeping up with the game in front of you! Social distancing rules as per government guidelines are still in place and need to be adhered to.  We have volunteer marshals policing the car park, first tee and locker room, who are charged with ensuring compliance with the rules, which are there to protect both you and all other users  of the course, and to ensure everyone can play without delay.  You must abide by their instructions, and failure to do so will mean that you are not permitted to play again until the present emergency is over.

Members must book a time slot via masterscoreboard.co.uk.  However you now need to be registered and enter a password unique to you.  If you have not received the members’ notice advising how this is done, please contact admin@onneleygolfclub.co.uk.

Take-away sandwiches, snacks and hot/cold drinks are available on the patio area during the main part of the day.

The following will apply:

  • If you have a booked slot please arrive 10-15 mins before your start time and park as far away from other drivers as possible; allowing for the time taken to get clubs etc out of your car, and changing shoes (car-park only please), this will enable anyone in front to have left the first tee.
  • The clubhouse will remain shut at present, with food or drink orders taken on the balcony only.
  • If you need to go to the locker room to get your equipment or use the toilet please keep this to a minimum amount of time and access will be one in one out.
  • Please wait by your car until the tee is clear before proceeding to the first tee.
  • The practice nets will not be available.
  • You may use the practice green if you can keep to social distancing.
  • There will be limited buggies to hire on a pre-booked system  Players are reminded that their use is restricted to one person for social distancing compliance, unless both occupants share a common household; and when competitive golf returns, only those playerswho require them on medical grounds may use them in competitions.
  • Privately-owned buggies driven by those who meet the conditions laid down in the buggy policy are allowed, subject to course conditions (advised daily on the course information line 01782-750106) but must not be used by two people.
  • On the course, hand sanitisers will be available on the first tee and on leaving the 18th green
  • Bunkers will be classed as GUR
  • Flag sticks must not be removed under any circumstances and a restrictor will be placed in the hole to prevent the ball from dropping to the bottom of the cup so that you do not need to touch the flag stick when retrieving your ball.
  • Please keep 2m apart at all times
  • Whilst on the course do not pick up your partner’s ball or any stray balls; if you see dropped equipment such as head covers, please do not lift them unless you have a disposable glove, and deposit them near the next tee you play from.
  • After the round you must leave the course and the club immediately.


The Committee will continue to review the operation of the scheme regularly, and any changes notified to members directly, with those updates added to the welcome page.